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Bethan and Darren Pass CISI Vulnerable Customers Professional Assessment

Bethan and Darren Pass CISI Vulnerable Customers Professional Assessment:

We are delighted to share the news that both Bethan and Darren sat the Vulnerable Customers Assessment this week and passed!

The assessment from the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment involved five study modules that Bethan and Darren undertook over the past few months.

These modules covered areas such as identifying vulnerable clients, building financial products that protect the vulnerable, understanding different demographic needs, the regulators view and legal requirements.

Bethan’s background in the NHS and Darren’s background in financial services proved extremely valuable in helping both of them cross reference the best way across the modules.

The final online test questions were not easy and only allowed for one resit. However, both Bethan and Darren passed first time.

This was a great boost to the team and whilst we have always been highly tuned to our clients’ needs at Thomas and Thomas, we feel this qualification makes a great addition to our technical exams.

A huge ‘congratulations’ to Bethan as this was her first exploration into the world of professional financial study – keep going!


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