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Join us for our Annual 2020 Investors Master Class!

Join us for our Annual 2020 Investors Master Mask-er-Class!

Since the early years of Thomas and Thomas when we still used something called fax machines, and Zoom was a tasty ice-lolly, we have prided ourselves in putting together an annual client event which we lovingly called our ‘masterclass’.

The first event was a nervous affair for Lisa, Matt and myself as I pranced about at the front of a crowded conference room – drawing on something they called a ‘flip-chart’.

Many years on, we have worked out how to run these events in the way our clients like them – by producing vast quantities of cake!

Our sessions do have a serious side, however, as we have been able to share so many different financial concepts over the years from Inheritance Tax Planning to Asset Diversification.  The icing on the cake (pardon my pun) each year – is the attendance of a well-regarded fund house to speak on a hot topic we think our clients want to know more about ‘from the coalface’.

But wait! ……….I hear you cry! ‘How will you manage to squeeze everyone safely into Avallenau House – we’d all be clad in masks – and what about the cake?’

This year on the 28th of July from 10.00 -12.00 is going to be a very exciting morning for our wonderful clients.

We will ask you to register your place before our big day.  We then will send you an agenda listing each session that will take place on that morning – right in the comfort of your own home.

On the 28th of July, we will then send you a carefully choreographed trickle of emails with links for you to simply click on – in order to watch videos and presentations that we will have crafted in readiness for you.  Stay alert for quiz questions with prizes and we even have thought of the necessary comfort break. We are now just trying to solve the cake!

I believe that the really great thing about this new virtual masterclass, is that we will be able to include many of our treasured clients who perhaps usually do not have the time or ability to attend physically.  This is something of a mad experiment – but let’s give it a try!

Over the years, we have enjoyed brilliant presentations from houses such as Invesco, AXA, Schroders, Kames, Threadneedle, Standard Life and Sarasin – to name a few.

This year, we want to share more with our clients about ‘lifting the lid on ethical practises within investment funds’.  We could think of nobody better to speak than the legendary Eden Tree fund house who specialise in purely ethical investments.

Katy will also be sharing the results of our recent Client Survey, updates on Old Mutual’s Pilot Platform and our continued plans for the 2020 Beach Clean and much more!

I will do my best to entertain with updates on the Global Economic Outlook and I will be sharing findings on how our model portfolios weathered the worst crash of all time.

So there you have it! If you want to attend, please just email:

[email protected]

Katy will then add you to our list, you can sit back and we will do the rest.

Very best wishes from the Thomas & Thomas team.


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