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The Exam Express keeps on rolling!

Our heartiest congratulations to our trainee Financial Planner Emma Jones who managed to successfully pass yet another key exam on Friday.

Emma traveled to Cardiff early in the morning to sit the two-hour paper set by the Chartered Insurance Institute on Regulations and Ethics.

This exam tests the candidates’ knowledge in regards to the very complex regulatory and legal framework that underpins the financial industry. It is one of the most failed papers in the six major exams – and therefore it is one of the most feared!

Nothing appears to stop Emma, however, as she has now racked up four major exams in just 10 months. Her work ethic is first class, spending all of her spare time over weekends, bank holidays and evenings studying.

Emma now moves on to the Pensions paper before then turning her focus to the final practical written paper that will bring all of the exams together through financial planning case studies.

In addition to this, Emma is now building her key relationships with local professional connections such as solicitors and accountants, whilst taking more of an active role in day to day client care alongside Katy and myself.

Emma’s determination to succeed as a financial planner is truly inspirational and reminds me of myself 20 years ago (where does time go?!)

Well done again Emma, we are very proud of you. Keep moving forward.

Thank you so much to all of our clients for your wonderful encouragement and well wishes – they have meant a lot to Emma and to all of us in our small team.

With best wishes



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