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Thomas and Thomas Crowned ‘Firm of The Year’ Champions!

This is just a quick newsflash to let all of our clients know that we won last night!

Darren and Emma travelled up to London for the ‘New Model Adviser Firm of the year 2018’ awards and conference. These awards recognise financial planning firms from its membership of some 6,000 financial advisers. The criteria for a shortlisted firm is that they demonstrate high levels of professional qualifications, a track record of great client care, profitability, sustainability and that they are innovative and share their best practises with other financial planning firms.

We have managed to make the shortlisted finals for Wales for nine consecutive years. However, being a very small firm does make it hard to compete on every level of the criteria. Last night we were so excited and happy to be announced as the winners.

In his interview afterwards, Darren was introduced as ‘a legend of New Model Adviser, now being a three-time winner and well-known figure within the financial adviser community.’  He was asked how Thomas and Thomas feel that they managed this remarkable feat of winning. His response was: ‘We have an unfair advantage, we have the best clients in Wales – and Lisa, Katy and Emma make an outstanding team’.

Darren went on to say that he sees the future as a bright one for our small firm. We genuinely recognise that we are nothing without our clients and we value each one of you. Thank you to many of you for your support, encouragement and words of wisdom over the years.  Awards like this don’t come along every day and it is still sinking in.

Emma and Darren will be travelling most of the day and return to the office on Monday. It is fair to say that it was a tiring but very rewarding experience.


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