Our Charges & Criteria

Initial Adviser Charges: 0%

We prefer to refuse any initial adviser charge or commission for setting up your portfolio or financial plan. This is because we don’t want to see your initial investment potentially damaged by initial adviser charges. Therefore, our initial charge for implementing a financial product that we have recommended in your financial plan is usually 0%.

Building Your Financial Plan: £100 per hour

We spend considerable amounts of time and experience building your financial plan. This includes analysing any existing funds, cash flow modelling to check your future income position and assessing any potential threats to your plan. We will also consider your tax position and present you with a full financial report laying out our recommendations. This generally takes somewhere between 4-20 hours. We will agree a set fee with you before we start work. This is only payable once your plan has been given to you and you are happy with it. We will charge for your financial plan whether you proceed with our financial product recommendations or not.

Sometimes, clients may require several financial plans over time – as they make additional investments or their circumstances change. We will agree a cost for future plans where applicable.

Ongoing Service, Portfolio Management and Care: 0%, 0.5% or 1%

We go to great lengths to care for an existing client. They are more important to us than new ones. Therefore, we set out a comprehensive list of services that we will promise to deliver and we charge accordingly. This annual service fee can either be paid separately to your portfolio or directly from your investment funds – whichever you prefer. The full list of annual services can be seen on the back page of our brochure.

Our Criteria

Thomas and Thomas Wealth Management is a Private Client business. We are extremely proud of our service and to this end we have a limited number of client spaces. To ensure this is maintained, we ask the following:

We do prefer a personal referral from either your Accountant, Lawyer, Financial Adviser OR an existing client of Thomas and Thomas.

We currently have a minimum investment requirement of £500,000 per household.


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