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Welcome to our new team member Sophie!

Welcome Sophie! We are delighted to announce that we have been joined by our new Trainee Financial Planner – Sophie. Katy, Lisa and I have been searching high and low for the past few months. Trying every job advertising site we could as well as Universities and Colleges. In the end, we found Sophie when

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The Class of ’19

Yesterday we held our 7th Annual Client Investors Masterclass at our Avallenau House Offices. I arrived early at 7.30 am to open up, all the preparation now complete, just a waiting game to welcome speakers, helpers and clients alike.  In truth I’d been awake several hours earlier – these events always make me nervous –

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Our 19/20 Annual Client Satisfaction Questionnaire – The Findings!

This year was the second time that we used a ‘Survey Monkey’ online questionnaire and once again it worked really well for both ourselves and our clients. The response rate was absolutely fantastic with 75 out of 96 questionnaires being returned within the three-week window – that’s a response rate of around 78% and it

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Is there ‘Woodford’ in my portfolio right now?

The media are currently having a field day at Mr Woodford’s expense. Oh how they love to see someone fall! But is there reason to panic and do you hold Woodford in your Proactive Thomas and Thomas portfolios? The simple answer to both questions is a resounding ‘No’. So what’s the real story? I remember

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My Beautiful Balloons?

In keeping with our recent Beach Clean, we asked one of our clients (Andrew Crowder) to write an article for our website about his experiences as a Conservationist with ORCA. He wrote the following. We really hope you enjoy it and thanks Andrew for this – we loved it!  My name is Andrew Crowder and,

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Join us for the Class of ’19!

On July the 9th this year, we shall be hosting our annual ‘Investors Masterclass’ at our Avallenau House Offices. The event is now in its 6th year and has always gone down a storm with our clients. So much so that we are filling up earlier every year! The event runs from 10.00 am to

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