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Beach life with Thomas and Thomas!

Today’s annual Thomas and Thomas beach clean was a real success.

We were joined by eleven of our wonderful clients who travelled from as far afield as Cardiff, Swansea and Port Talbot to help us complete our mission in cleaning up Newgale beach.

The rain threatened the whole morning but held off perfectly.

It was more of a winter scene as our intrepid volunteers turned up for litter picking duty. Clad in coats, gloves and hats, they were fuelled on instant hot chocolate and coffee from the back of my Suzuki – whilst Rebecca from DJM handed out the biggest Welsh Cakes I have ever seen!

And there was much drama!

Paul and Vicky wrestled with a live Adder that had decided to camp out on the side of the road.  They tried to capture it on film, but the snake was not in a media friendly mood.

Meanwhile Bethan clocked up many miles running along the beach trying to photograph all of our victims (sorry…..volunteers) whilst Katy did some stone skating – luckily bouncing back up!

The quote of the day came from our client Darren Lewis whilst down a hole in the stones pulling out old fishing rope – ‘I swear I should have been born a Womble!’ he explained.

Once again, we collectively pulled out ten bin bags of rubbish from the stones. So much of it was fishing net debris – it really struck us this year how much fishing waste must now be floating around in our oceans.

Penny found an old water container that was almost as big as her – and several bits of crates found their way into our pile of rubbish.

However, the most interesting find of the day was a pair of shoes. Having bagged the shoes up in the pile – we later discovered a lone surfer hobbling along the stones asking if anyone had seen his shoes that he had so carefully tucked away…….



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