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And now for something completely different!

Written by Katy Caine and Darren Thomas It has certainly been a volatile week on stock markets as we watched the FTSE 100 react badly to grim recession news and then bounce straight back to much the same levels. Shops opened and more positive medical news arose in regards to the pandemic. The FTSE 100

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Darren feeds back on this years’ Client Ethical Investment Survey:

This years’ ethical survey went out to all 42 of our ‘Pro-Ethical’ client households.   We received 29 responses back which represented a 69% response rate which is still excellent but is a slight fall on last year. Reasons for the lower response rate (after chatting with some of our Pro-Ethical clients) are that our more

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Join Team T&T for our Annual Beach Clean!

The corpse of an Orca whale was found washed-up on the Lincolnshire coast last week. Tests are still being carried out to establish the exact cause of death, however, it has been reported that the whale’s stomach contained no fish – just plastic! This is an incredibly sad example of how plastic and rubbish is

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Visiting the Eden Tree Fund House

Meeting with fund managers and their teams is something we are keen to do with regularity and a sense of purpose. We often meet groups of fund managers at organised events, but we also will travel to meet them in their own head-quarters. I thought it would be useful to report back on one of

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My Beautiful Balloons?

In keeping with our recent Beach Clean, we asked one of our clients (Andrew Crowder) to write an article for our website about his experiences as a Conservationist with ORCA. He wrote the following. We really hope you enjoy it and thanks Andrew for this – we loved it!  My name is Andrew Crowder and,

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The Thomas and Thomas 2019 Beach Clean Adventure!

Katy, Emma and I travelled to Newgale Beach this morning for our ‘Ethical Investments Beach Clean’. We set up our coffee table, sweets and cakes and donned our rubber gloves. We were swiftly joined by our wonderful client Darren Lewis who had travelled all the way from Port Talbot to help us. Better than that,

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