Protect yourself from fraud in 20..20..

We wanted to just quickly remind all of our clients that 2020 is a unique year for signing off those cheques, application forms or other legal documents. Most people will reduce a date to the last two digits of the year. So, for example, Christmas would have been dated 25/12/19 2020 offers a great opportunity

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Powers of Attorney Refunds

We wanted to let all of our clients know that we have become aware of Government partial refunds for Powers of Attorney made between the 1st of April 2013 and the 31st of March 2017. As we have referred so many of our clients to competent lawyers over the years, we know that you may

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Watch the ‘spoofs’!

This is just a very short security announcement to warn all of our clients about ‘spoof’ emails. These are really dangerous as they appear to be from an email account that you are used to. They will ask you to make a payment online as the sender is currently unavailable to talk. Thomas and Thomas

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