Fund in the Spotlight

Fund in the spotlight – By Katy

Katy shares a bit more about the Sarasin Global Higher Dividend fund. Our clients will know that we include somewhere between 12-14 funds within their portfolios. We thought it might be nice to focus on one of the funds that are currently enjoying better times. If you hold a mainstream portfolio, this fund may sound

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Is there ‘Woodford’ in my portfolio right now?

The media are currently having a field day at Mr Woodford’s expense. Oh how they love to see someone fall! But is there reason to panic and do you hold Woodford in your Proactive Thomas and Thomas portfolios? The simple answer to both questions is a resounding ‘No’. So what’s the real story? I remember

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Emma Jones explores the L&G UK property fund

From time to time we like to share some of the information we hold about one of the funds within our client portfolios. As part of our ‘fund in the spotlight’ series, we have focused on a Property fund for a change. After speaking with Eoghan Gill – our Legal and General (L&G) consultant about

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Fund in the Spotlight – Standard Life European Ethical

Katy Owen explores the Standard Life European Ethical Equity Fund As a welcomed distraction from all the political coverage of late, we thought it would be a good time for another instalment of our ‘Fund in the Spotlight’ series. In this issue we are looking at the Standard Life European Ethical Equity fund. This fund is

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Katy explores……..Jupiter India Fund

Fund in the spotlight by Katy Owen At Thomas and Thomas we thrive on the task of finding funds for our portfolios which offer the best opportunity for growth with an appropriate level of risk. To achieve this, we work on a strategy known as a ‘top-down’ approach. This means that we firstly consider the correct

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Fund in the spotlight – Woodford Fund Managers

The increasing complexity of investing and the search for suitable funds can be a full-time task. When conducting our search for new funds we focus on both the bigger picture and the finer details in our drive to meet the individual needs of investors in today’s ever changing world. An important part of this research

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