Two Thousand and Late…..

This is not 2008. The depressing communications from our Bank of England yesterday certainly made for gloomy reading, and for good reason. Nobody wants to be told that there is a recession on the way…’oh and by the way folks, it’s going to be a long one’. The media feeding frenzy then begun as reporters

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Russian Roulette

Just as the face masks are coming off and ‘normality’ is finally returning after two extremely hard years, we find ourselves lurching into another external crisis. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia understandably puts all of us on edge.  We all feel powerless to help and frightened that things will escalate further. The fact is

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It’s a bit cold for shorts

Well the past couple of weeks has brought many changes. We have seen the transition of leadership in the US finally go ahead, without too much drama, positive Vaccine progress in the UK and riots in Holland of all places. Meanwhile, we are all still in a state of ‘lockdown’ which is extremely tedious and

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China in a Bull Shop

Well 2021 has certainly arrived with a bang! Over in the United States we received reports of armed protestors apparently being encouraged by their President. In India we hear about huge swathes of the Himalayas being taken by China through surprise military force. And here we are, all locked up for our terrible behaviour in

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Darren’s 2020 Review – The year of ‘It is what it is’…..

Well here we are at the end of what has been a brutal year for all of us. Everyone has faced their own individual struggles, sadness, worries and anxiety. We started 2020 in optimistic mode. The years of hung parliament were finally at an end, an ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal was on the menu and

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The Global Money Tree Policy

Well, the US Election went about as badly as we could have thought. At the point of writing this article, there is no clear winner for the White House. Any hopes of an outright Biden win are now looking unlikely as he needed a clear majority in the Senate to win control of that house.

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