Back to the Future

Will there an ever be an end to this Economic Gloom? Right now, it feels as if Global Stock markets will never see recovery again. The Geo-Political landscape is frankly a basket case, with Middle Eastern tensions flaring at exactly the same time as a Cold War has reignited between Communist and Democratic states.  You

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Groundhog Day?

An Article Written by Darren for Industry Press Today: The 1993 film ‘Groundhog Day’ with Bill Murray always made me think. Isn’t it funny how events often keep repeating themselves? Isn’t it even more fascinating how people keep repeating the same actions – somehow believing they are doing something differently? This week has felt a

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All just a little bit of History repeating…..

Let’s be honest, the past few years have been utterly exhausting for investors. Following the Post Pandemic Bounce; we entered a ‘Bear’ market in November 2021. Investor sentiment soured around the world as it seemed inevitable that central banks would have to push up interest rates. Rising interest rates hurt stock markets, as they have

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Like a Bear with a Bull head…..

Darren shares the T&T team thoughts on the latest stock market tantrums and looks at some positive points from today’s UK Budget: Jeremy Hunt’s long awaited budget was probably just what markets wanted. You have to admit that team Rishi/ Jeremy played an absolute blinder over the weekend – palming off a distressed UK banking

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The beginning of the end – or the end of the beginning?

What on earth is happening to markets right now? Cast your mind back just one year and the world seemed a pretty positive place. The ‘great re-opening’ was in full swing, as people rushed out to buy and experience the things that they had been prevented from doing during two years of the Pandemic. Friendly

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It’s a Mini Adventure!

Today’s ‘mini budget’ was really the trumpet call for the new Government who are determined to use a strong capitalist ‘Keynesian’ approach to the UK economy. The Government argue that you can’t tax your way to a growing economy – you have to stimulate it – and I have to agree with this. It was

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