The October Blues

You must be feeling it right now. The mornings are cold and damp, the evenings are stealing the sunlight and that’s before they put the clocks back! Stock markets are like an oversensitive friend, things are great on the up, but be very careful when they are feeling wobbly.  October is a notoriously difficult month

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What’s happening to the FTSE today?

Darren Lloyd Thomas of Thomas and Thomas Wealth Management outlines the key themes that are weighing on the FTSE 100 this week. Many market analysts love to use the phrase ‘market correction’ to calmly describe a technical crash. Crashes are a way of life for investment markets. The very nature of investing into business means

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What’s in a name?

I know that many of our clients will have received letters in the past weeks, telling them of investment platform name changes. I wanted to offer some of our thoughts in regards to these changes – and to tell you of our plans at Thomas and Thomas to try and minimise disruption for our clients.

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FTSE 100 Worries – have the January blues spread?

Many of our long term clients have shrugged off the recent news about the falling FTSE. They have lived through far worse times and they know that equity markets are skittish and unpredictable animals that historically return to sanity once they have had a blow-out. However, the unpredictable short term nature of markets can make

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Every investment has an impact

Darren reports back on the recent Social Impact Academy Conference in London. On the 29th of November, Emma and I traveled to London to attend this years’ Social Impact Academy.  This annual event is designed to promote the benefits and techniques of ethical investment – to professional advisers. Some 200 paying candidates arrived for an

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What next for our clients’ portfolios?

I think that the idea of a ‘hung parliament’ was a distant and unlikely nightmare for many of us just two weeks ago. Much has changed in the political landscape of our country since then, with some clear messages of discontent around austerity, immigration and security coming to light. The result appears to be a

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