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Bethan Achieves Her Dream…..

Training and developing my team is always something that I have found rewarding. However, there are those nervous moments when you wait for their exam results – asking yourself if you did enough personally to equip them with everything that they needed to gain that qualification they individually invested so much time in.

In April, Beth sat her final CII R06 exam. This was a written paper that seeks to bring together all the previous five exams information into one ultimate test of financial planning knowledge. Beth had to tackle two case studies, answering questions and constructing solutions that included everything from Pensions to Inheritance Tax.

This weekend, Beth received her results……and she passed!

Beth now will hold the Level Four Diploma in financial planning accredited by the CII (Chartered Insurance Institute) and holds the qualifications on paper to begin the next stage of her journey in being able to advise our clients.

Beth has calmly and confidently attacked these six tough exams over the past couple of years and it has been a pleasure to see her knowledge and confidence growing within our very complex world.

Beth said ‘I am so grateful to Katy and Darren for helping me through some of the more technical aspects of preparation for all of my exams. I also know how fortunate I was to get this opportunity with Thomas and Thomas, they covered the cost of all my exams, training and gave me a paid days study leave each week to enable me to succeed.’

We now shall be helping Bethan to transfer her knowledge into positive action through helping our clients, and I personally would like to sincerely wish Beth all the best as she continues her journey towards becoming a Chartered Financial Planner. (No pressure!)

Many congratulations Bethan! Some happy news that we all much needed!



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