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Helping PATCH Christmas Toys Appeal

Christmas is supposed to be a time of rejoicing. Spending time in love and unity as a family. For children up and down the country, the excitement builds as they look forward to what Father Christmas might bring on the 25th of December.

However, for some children, this Christmas looks totally different. There are many families right here in Pembrokeshire who are broken and just clinging on to the bare necessities this Christmas.

Whether they have been separated from their families or are living in temporary accommodation – their outlook will be sadly nothing like the glitzy adverts they see on television.

This is where Tracy and her team at PATCH come in.  You may recall this extremely valuable charity from Darren’s previous Marathon Race fundraiser.

Every year, the wonderful folk at PATCH wrap up Christmas presents for children they know will not be getting much if anything this Christmas. 

We wanted to help, so Holly, Katy, Bethan and Darren clubbed together to buy toys to take up to PATCH HQ.  Darren enjoyed the toy shopping a bit too much!

We just wanted to share this lovely story with all of our clients. If you wanted to contribute to the Toy Appeal, please call Tracy at Patch on:  07775 571431  The toys need to be new and packaged.

Every best wish to you all over this festive season.

Thomas and Thomas


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