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It’s on! Come to our 2022 Masterclass!

It seems like ‘forever’ since our Masterclass of ’19 when we last met our lovely clients at Avallenau House for a morning of dynamic presentations and bucket loads of nice food!

Every year since 2011, we have run our Masterclass annual event which is a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ as it is really anything but complicated! Our vision has always been to offer a face to face relaxed presentation environment where we can help explain markets, portfolios, tax and financial planning concepts in a simple way – to those clients who would like it.

Over the years, we have enjoyed presentations from the very best fund managers in the UK and our clients have been treated to a huge range of topics and free food!

The past couple of years have been tough – due to Covid restrictions. We have managed with online Masterclasses which we dubbed ‘Mask-er-classes’ – but nothing quite replaces the adrenaline and enjoyment of meeting up in person for this truly special event limited to just 20 attendees.

This year, on the 7th of July at 9.45 am – we will be hosting our special event entitled ‘What on Earth is happening?’

We are so excited to be joined by a guest speaker from the legendary JP Morgan fund house. James will be speaking about the state of the global economy and using JPM’s unique charts to offer clues about trends and recoveries.

We also will be joined by Rebecca from Douglas-Jones Mercer who is a specialist Trusts and Estates lawyer – she will be hosting a joint session with Darren on Long Term Care planning.

Katy will be sharing recent Thomas and Thomas updates and stories….. if that isn’t enough for you!…. we also will have a session on Ethical Investments, Top Tax Tips and Portfolio Updates from Darren.

These will all be short ‘mini-sessions’ across two hours in total – deliberately designed to be fun and engaging with a coffee break in the middle. We will conclude at 12.00 pm with a full buffet lunch and more cakes than you can feasibly eat!

If you want to know more about why markets and economies are currently behaving the way that they are – this is the event for you.  It is completely free to clients!

However, we only have 10 remaining spaces and bookings are literally on a ‘first come first served’ basis. We will run a cancellations list and we also will put up some of the presentations on our website in the following weeks.

Book your place at the 2022 Thomas and Thomas Masterclass today!


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