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Katy passes ACT Qualification

The Adviser Competence Training (ACT) from Worthstone Impact Academy is becoming viewed as the benchmark study material for impact and ethical investing in the UK.

Launched by Gavin Francis (CEO of Worthstone) and supported by the Cabinet Office, this course considers the various different ways to support impact investing, including their risks, regulation and tax treatment.  It typically takes a couple of months of dedicated reading and end of chapter tests before making your final submission.

The ACT is brimming with useful information that really suits an ever developing market as more and more investors ask where their capital is invested and seek ways to make a better impact upon society and the environment whilst growing their own financial plan.  It is geared towards more experienced financial planners.

Katy made great use of the ‘lock-down’, studying her way through the manual and then submitting her answers for assessment by the Worthstone team. We have this week been informed that Katy passed.

Gavin Francis, Founder and CEO of Worthstone, further explains:

“An increasing number of investors are seeking investments which generate a positive impact in society and the environment. ACT was created as a tool for advisers to gain knowledge, build confidence and prove competence so that they could further help clients interested in aligning their investments with their values. We are delighted to issue Katy with an ACT certificate and look forward to hearing how she successfully builds on her proven skills and knowledge with her clients.”

Darren achieved this qualification in 2018 and found it extremely useful. Katy has such a passion for ethical investment, particularly in the environmental arena. It seemed only fitting that she also went for it.

It is brilliant to see Katy doing well and continuing to grow her knowledge and standing within our profession.  It is also nice to share some good news during these slightly gloomy times.

Fantastic job Katy, well done!


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