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In loving memory of a dear friend and mentor

It is with great sadness that I have to report to our clients that our wonderful locum consultant, Byron, sadly passed away this weekend.

Byron trained me in my early years as a young financial planner and later encouraged Lisa and I to launch Thomas and Thomas. In 2008 he joined us as our locum and file checking consultant. His knowledge, experience and wonderful personality made him a huge asset to our team.

Byron was my own line manager at Standard Life many years ago. I can wholeheartedly say that I never knew a nicer gentleman than the man I used to refer to in our business as ‘Dad’.

A few weeks ago, we made the decision to seek out a new locum consultant to cover Byron whilst he was unwell. With Byron’s blessing, we settled upon a very experienced IFA by the name of Andrew Dallas. Andrew will now continue to remain in place as our locum for the foreseeable future – for which we are most grateful.

On a personal level, I feel a big sense of loss. We will miss you very much our dear friend.  Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Byron’s family at this time.


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