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Our 19/20 Annual Client Satisfaction Questionnaire – The Findings!

This year was the second time that we used a ‘Survey Monkey’ online questionnaire and once again it worked really well for both ourselves and our clients.

The response rate was absolutely fantastic with 75 out of 96 questionnaires being returned within the three-week window – that’s a response rate of around 78% and it tells us that our clients really value being consulted about their experience at Thomas and Thomas.

Last year, we picked up some valuable feedback. We acted swiftly, getting the front entrance to Avallenau House painted, adding more graphs to reviews and including more ethical funds even within mainstream portfolios.

This year, we asked some of the standard questions to benchmark our performance so far. However, we also asked some new ones – with one about ‘confidence’ in markets at this time.

We believe that our clients are a wise old bunch! We wanted to know if the Brexit mess and Trump Tariffs had made them nervous about investing. The results were incredibly split with around 37% stating confidence or ‘very confident’ to invest right now, 24% being nervous or ‘very nervous’ and 39% sitting on the fence at ‘neutral’.  The comments were fascinating, with many comments saying that they are only invested because they feel that they can rely upon Thomas and Thomas advice.

Over half our clients said that they would really like to attend one of our Annual Investors Masterclass events. (It is just as well we have so many ‘first timers’ booked on to this years’ event on the 9th of July!)  100% who have attended in the past said it was useful in some way to them.

Avallenau House as a venue for client meetings scored an impeccable 100% rating as ‘good’ or ‘perfect’ – I guess the painting paid off!  Around half our clients said they prefer to travel to see us here.  There is again a marked rise in the users of technology, with 31% of clients stating that they are happy to conduct their annual review via Video Conferencing or Phone and email. Just under 20% of clients still prefer us to go out to see them in their homes which is fine.

Our Annual Review packs were well received with everyone finding them acceptable, good or perfect and no negative scores. However, only 39% scored ‘perfect’. Comments showed that they would still like more coloured charts and some wanted to not have to take the pack away with them and instead see it visually on a screen or deleted format to save printing. We are on to this!

The actual Annual Review itself scored the highest mark with 100% of clients being happy that the review covers everything they feel they need to know about their finances for the year. Indeed 68% of respondents went for an outright ‘perfect’ which was very encouraging.  We have worked really hard on our Annual Review process this year, with additional follow up reports etc. We feel this has really paid off in our clients’ eyes.

The amount of clients watching our video’s had risen massively with 90% of them now having watched our short finance clips. Interestingly, every single person who had watched them said they had gained something from them of value.

Finally, we asked the same ‘ethical’ investing question from last year. We wanted to check that investing with one eye on the environment and society is something our clients still want us to do. Again, 97% of respondents felt this was at least of some importance.  However, comments did show us that outright ethical investing is not for everyone and we continue to be committed to simply offering a choice.

There is much food for thought on the back of this years’ questionnaire.  Clearly, our Quarterly Proactive and Pro-Ethical reviews are still what sets us apart from our competitors. However, it is about much more than just process. We are ever seeking ways to go ‘above and beyond’ what our clients expect – whilst ensuring we haven’t missed anything that they did expect along the way!

My heartfelt thanks to all of our client respondents this year. It was our biggest response number ever and I am very grateful for your honesty, comments and encouragement. As always, we are here for you 100% if you need anything at all.

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