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Our 2018/19 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

In May this year, we sent out our annual client survey. This time we had ‘gone digital’ in the interests of saving trees. We wondered how our clients would respond and whether we would gain the same positive feedback as our past surveys. Historically we have posted questionnaires to a sample of clients that represent every aspect of our service offerings. This time we used ‘survey monkey’ to reach every single client.

We were really happy with the responses and feedback received from our Client Annual Survey. We had a response rate of over 60% – which is a good level. Thank you to all those who participated.

83% of clients felt that they now receive the perfect amount of paperwork from us and from their platform provider.  We believe that the amount of paperwork is now far more acceptable to our clients because of our big drive to help them all gain online registration with their platforms. This has allowed clients to view their portfolios digitally and collectively saved masses of trees.

24% of respondents had previously attended a Thomas and Thomas Seminar. 92% of these said that they would attend one again. One client described the experience as “pleasurable and informative”.

We asked about the experience of visiting our Avallenau House Offices, taking in to account – access, parking, condition of the building and noise levels. 100% of clients who have visited Avallenau House had a positive experience with 55% of these stating that it is a perfect venue for a meeting.

Two clear messages came through the feedback on this, however. Firstly, the entrance needs painting which we are looking into. Secondly, not all of our clients can travel to us.

Please rest assured that we are always happy to travel to clients.

The amount of clients happy to use video conferencing had risen considerably. The ability to see each other and cover a review over the internet is extremely valuable. Not only does it save travelling time and pollution, it enables us to make sure no one misses out on a review.

We found that a very pleasing 100% of respondents were satisfied with their annual review.

68% of these clients felt that they had the ‘perfect’ amount of information provided to them about their finances for the year. 32% felt they had ‘about the right amount’.

We then asked clients to rate the content of their annual review valuation pack. This related to tables, graphs, lay out and notes. 98% of clients scored their annual review pack as either good or perfect.  However, a few stated that they wanted either more or bigger graphs.  We shall be working on this for you!

Clients regard our qualifications as being more imperative than our awards, although awards were still important to them when it came to selecting a financial planning firm.

We found that many of our clients enjoy the video content we put on our website. “An amusing, visual presentation of complex concepts” one client commented, while another said “great content and easy to understand”.  There were still respondents who have never watched our videos. You can find them all on our website – under ‘videos’!

The most staggering response, without a doubt, was in regards to the ethical investment question.

We asked clients how they felt about investing for the benefit of society or the environment.  94% of clients said that they could see at least some value in investing ethically with only 6% saying it was not of any importance to them.

Over 53% of clients felt ethical investing was ‘important’ and 11% said it was ‘imperative’.  These answers caused us to stop and pause. The financial industry is constantly telling us that ‘clients aren’t interested in ethical investment’ – clearly this just is not the case.

One client commented that “this is getting more important” and another said ‘’Investors are now becoming more involved in where they invest which ultimately puts pressure on firms to behave more ethically’’.

This years’ client survey was so valuable for us. We know we are good at what we do and we know that our clients value us. We also know that the world is a fast changing place and it is imperative that we keep up with everything our clients need from us.

As ever, our clients mean everything to us. You are who we work for and we are here for you 100%.

Thank you so much for taking part and here’s to another great year.

Darren, Lisa, Emma and Katy.





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