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Protect yourself from fraud in 20..20..

  • 07/01/2020

  • Darren Thomas

We wanted to just quickly remind all of our clients that 2020 is a unique year for signing off those cheques, application forms or other legal documents.

Most people will reduce a date to the last two digits of the year. So, for example, Christmas would have been dated 25/12/19

2020 offers a great opportunity for fraudsters to amend your date if you end it as follows 07/01/20 as it will allow someone to then add digits after it to effectively backdate the year.

We would advise all of our clients to sign off with the full 2020 on anything this year, to prevent this from happening.

Cheerful advice over! Have a brilliant 2020 and keep your eyes open for lots of exciting Thomas and Thomas news in the coming weeks as we settle the date for this years beach clean, issue our annual ethical questionnaire, decide on our big charity push and issue a strange call up for all budding actors and actress clients……

As always, we are here for you 100% and proud to serve you.

Darren, Lisa, Katy and Sophie.


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