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The Thomas and Thomas 2019 Beach Clean Adventure!

Katy, Emma and I travelled to Newgale Beach this morning for our ‘Ethical Investments Beach Clean’.

We set up our coffee table, sweets and cakes and donned our rubber gloves. We were swiftly joined by our wonderful client Darren Lewis who had travelled all the way from Port Talbot to help us. Better than that, he also brought his partner Sam with him. She had very kindly agreed to the clean-up – in return for a swim afterwards!

Darren and Sam headed in one direction and we went in the other. The beach looked clean at first, but as we headed into the pebbles we discovered a different story.  Lodged in amongst the pebbles were bits of shoes, paper and plastic. The overwhelming majority of litter, however, was fishing tackle, line and netting which literally gets into everything.

We found a choked seagull carcass, caught up in masses of line wrapped around it’s wing and neck.

There was an exciting moment when Sam discovered an Adder on the top of the pebbles and grass. Thankfully, she didn’t try and bag this as rubbish!

We pulled in around four rubbish bags from our morning labours and although we didn’t see any other clients on the day, we hope that we will have created some awareness.

A huge thanks to Darren and Sam, you made our day!

We will let all of our clients know the date in plenty of time for next year and thank you so much to many of you who have offered us your encouragement for today. It was a really worthwhile exercise.

With very best wishes.

The Thomas and Thomas Team


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