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Thomas and Thomas Ethical Investments Nominated for Best ESG Adviser 2022

We are delighted to inform our clients that we have been nominated for an Award from ‘ESG Clarity’ for the best ESG Advisers in the UK 2022.

The submission process for this Award involved explaining in detail the approach that we take to screening funds for our clients and the journey that our Ethical clients experience when dealing with us.

We have worked extremely hard as a small team to lead the way in Ethical investing over the past decade. We believe that it is a great honour to represent our clients’ Ethical principles when it comes to selecting investment funds for them.  In recent times, the term ‘ESG’ (focusing on companies Environmental and Social Governance) has become far more used.

There are many fund managers now offering an ESG ‘Screen’ to restrict ‘sin stocks’ such as Tobacco, Fossil Fuels, Animal Testing for Cosmetics, Arms Dealing, Gambling etc.  However, we have come across many instances of ‘greenwashing’ as some fund managers don’t actually eradicate these stocks from their funds.

Thomas and Thomas are quite ‘long in the tooth’ when it comes to dealing with fund managers and so we spend considerable amounts of time and effort digging far deeper into the fund managers’ ethical policies and screening methodologies before satisfying ourselves that the fund managers are really behaving in a way that our clients want.

Darren and Lisa will travel up to London on the 14th of June to a prestigious Awards ceremony following on from the Global ESG Summit by ‘ESG Clarity’. The Awards seek to recognise those firms and fund managers who are really making a difference. We are very excited to be a part of this really important event and we shall let you know how we get on!


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