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It has certainly been an interesting year so far and it isn’t over yet! We have had quite a few developments at Thomas and Thomas and we wanted to share two really positive pieces of news with you as we move into the last months of 2020 – so that you know our plans.

Katy is expecting! We are absolutely delighted for Katy and Danny as they prepare for the arrival of their second little one around February next year. Katy is in good spirits and remains an absolute rock at team T&T. We expect Katy to head off for maternity leave in January and to be back with us around the late summer/ autumn of 2021.

Those of you who have your annual reviews with Katy will receive those now from me until Katy returns. Many of you will have already had a review with me this year, so this shouldn’t present much change. We expect Katy to send out her clients quarterly Proactive reviews in December as things stand – but I am always here to cover any gaps.

In the meantime, we have welcomed Bethan to our team. Bethan has years of experience in the NHS as a medical secretary and she has joined T&T to help Darren with all of the research and analytical work that we do. We count ourselves extremely blessed to have come across Bethan who is settling in brilliantly.

We have high hopes for Bethan to become a long term permanent fixture within our team and we hope that our clients will enjoy meeting her when this pandemic has ended.

Lisa and I set up Thomas and Thomas on many NHS organisational structures that Lisa had learned whilst in the NHS herself. It goes without saying that Lisa was very keen for us to entice Bethan to join us.

So many congratulations Katy and welcome Bethan!

Going forward, we are heading into some uncertain times in terms of  lockdowns, quarantines, US elections, Brexit and so much more!

Don’t panic!

We are brilliantly organised and ready – not just to get you through this – but to help you profit wherever we can – whatever the challenges. We are ready!

As ever, please don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything at all – we are driven by keeping you happy.





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