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Thomas and Thomas launches NEW ‘Pro-Ethical’ service:

We are very excited to announce that (after months of hard work) we have now launched our new ‘Pro-Ethical’ service for all of our clients.

Historically we have offered our clients either a ‘Proactive’ service with comprehensive quarterly reviews and a raft of other services for 1% per year of the portfolio value, or a ‘Bespoke Reactive’ service with a full personal annual review for 0.5% per year of the portfolio value.

Clients wishing to hold an ‘ethical’ portfolio, perhaps seeking to remove tangible links to investments such as Armaments, Tobacco, Alcohol, Poor Human Rights, Intensive Farming and Cosmetic Animal Testing – had to have a bespoke reactive portfolio.

This was due to the fact that the choice within the ‘Ethical’ arena of funds was limited and the amount of clients we advised did not lend itself practically to a full proactive style offering.

However, we have noticed a small but consistent increase in clients asking for purely ‘ethical’ investment portfolios over the past couple of years and so we have built three ethical portfolios to suit different risk profiles that we will undertake to review fully every quarter in the same way as our mainstream ‘Proactive’ offering.

Our Proactive service has been hugely popular over the past nine years since launch. We have received many recommendations over this time. We believe this is because we do what we promise.

We named our new service ‘Pro-Ethical’ as it describes the fact that a client can now invest into a range of ethical funds via one of our three benchmark model portfolios. They can then receive quarterly reviews and updates on this portfolio as well as proactive recommendations to make any switches where required – alongside a large amount of other all-inclusive services.

This launch really does mark an exciting day for us at Thomas and Thomas. We believe that the future of investment lies with ethical and sustainable businesses that benefit the environment and society.

We have begun our launch by writing out to some of our existing ethical investment clients to offer them access to this new service. If you think that you would like to adjust your portfolio to be ‘Pro-Ethical’, please let us know and we will gladly discuss the considerations with you.

Please take a look on our home page and download our client brochures for more information.


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