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Thomas and Thomas Make ‘Professional Adviser Finals 2017’!

As our clients will know, we are different! Exactly 10 years ago, Lisa and I set out to build a financial planning practise that would deliver everything it promised and would hold a reputation as being the standard to achieve in our profession.

Since then, we have gone to huge lengths to ensure that our financial plans, processes, service and portfolios are the very best that we can offer to our clients. This is why we have been recognised for several different prestigious awards in the UK over the years.

These have included New Model Adviser of the year, The Top 100 and the Aberdeen Platform Small Practice Awards.

This year we thought we would enter the Professional Adviser Awards 2017. This award is a bit different to some of the others we have entered in the past. Whilst it did consider our overall service offering, reputation and profitability, it also set us a pretty tough task!

I was given just 1000 words to build a financial plan for a complex ‘client’ designed by the Professional Adviser judges. I had to tackle five key points within the plan in a concise and technical manner. The entries were all made then across the UK, and were carefully considered by the judges.

We were delighted to be informed yesterday that our entry was shortlisted by the judges to go through to the finals for the Wales and UK categories in February next year.

I will travel up to London in February to find out the results. Whilst it would be wonderful to be crowned a winner, we are already delighted to be recognised in this way.

Seven years ago, when we first started getting noticed nationally, our differences really showed in the way that we offered such a comprehensive service whilst shunning initial commission. Today, the space is far more crowded, with many firms claiming that they do what we first started a decade ago. We know just how hard it is to consistently deliver the best service. We also have noticed how much harder it is these days (with all the social media noise) to prove your excellence and diligence.

This award nomination has come as a refreshing boost to me personally at this time. I really want to thank all of my clients for the incredible journey we have been on over the years together. Long may it continue! In the words of a well-known hair commercial, in my opinion ‘You’re worth it’.

I also would like to thank the workers on the journey – Lisa, Byron, Matt and Katy for helping me to realise the vision we first had in 2006.

My best wishes and thanks



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