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Watch the ‘spoofs’!

  • 29/09/2017

  • Darren Thomas

This is just a very short security announcement to warn all of our clients about ‘spoof’ emails. These are really dangerous as they appear to be from an email account that you are used to.

They will ask you to make a payment online as the sender is currently unavailable to talk.

Thomas and Thomas will NEVER ask you to make a payment via email. We also would strongly recommend that you delete any messages that come from any companies asking you to pay in this manner.

I’m afraid I take a rather hard nosed approach – if they want paying – they can write to me. The rest goes to junk.

Sadly we live in times where cyber crime is a huge problem. At Thomas and Thomas we are doing all that we can to ensure the security of our own records and the providers that we use. One of the steps we have recently taken is to have extra layers of protection added to our own domain names to try and limit people ‘spoofing’ our own accounts.

These days we have to challenge the authenticity of emails on a regular basis. We would encourage all of our clients to do the same.

As always we are here for you 100% if you need to ask anything further.

with best wishes



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