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My split personality!

I am two Darren’s these days! On the one hand, I am as worried as everyone else about when this virus will be stopped, the impact upon my business, employees, family, friends and lifestyle. Clearly things appear to be about to get a whole lot worse here in the UK and over in the US.

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Chinese Whispers….

What a week this has been for us here in the UK. It seemed as if the UK Government had a plan to try and get through the virus without disrupting society too much.  On the face of it, this seemed the best idea. Public health England estimates that an average of 17,000 people in

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The Italian Job

Just like the hair pin bends and breath-taking stunts in a car chase – global stock markets have had us on the edge of our seats. If you are able to just turn off the show and go read a book – I would highly recommend it! Previous Brexit gloom headlines have blended seamlessly into

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Don’t feed the Bears!

Yesterday was certainly ‘interesting’ for us here at Thomas and Thomas! We witnessed a ‘prefect storm’ in terms of the coronavirus scare continuing to wreak havoc – coupled with a massive drop in the price of oil because of a fall-out between the main oil producing nations.  Either one of these issues would have hurt

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Sophie Bags CII Diploma Investments Exam

We are absolutely delighted to let all of our clients know that Sophie successfully passed her R02 Investment Principles & Risk paper from the Chartered Insurance Institute at the end of last week. Sophie joined us in September, and is part of our future plans to have another qualified financial planner within the firm. These

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When China catches a cold….the rest of the world sneezes:

Forgive my changing of the word ‘America’ in that headline, but these days it is impossible to ignore the global economic significance of China. In our market commentary to our clients at the close of 2019, I commented that the US (North American Markets) could be in for a challenging year and I mentioned the

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