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Bethan James considers the Important Deadline for topping up your State Pension

  • 27/03/2023

  • Darren Thomas

Men under the age of 72 and Women under the age of 70 may be able to buy a state pension ‘boost’ to fill their National Insurance (NI) gaps. This is urgent because there is a deadline to fill your National Insurance (NI) gaps from over six years ago. This means that you could go

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So what does ‘Ethical’ look like to our Pro-Ethical Clients?

At Thomas and Thomas, we start with the most important person – You! Having run our Ethical Portfolios for over 15 years for our clients, we know a thing or two about screening funds and the diligence required to build a truly Ethical Portfolio that seeks not to harm Society and the Environment whilst also

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Like a Bear with a Bull head…..

Darren shares the T&T team thoughts on the latest stock market tantrums and looks at some positive points from today’s UK Budget: Jeremy Hunt’s long awaited budget was probably just what markets wanted. You have to admit that team Rishi/ Jeremy played an absolute blinder over the weekend – palming off a distressed UK banking

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Beth Grabs Another CII Qualification!

Huge Congratulations to Bethan who has just passed the R04 Pensions Paper from the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII). Beth had been studying for this tough Pensions exam over the past few months and managed to bag a successful pass on the first attempt which is no mean feat. Trust me – this was the one

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Katy celebrates further exam success!

Many congratulations to Katy who has successfully passed the CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments) Sustainable and Responsible Investment Professional Assessment. This assessment tested Katy on her knowledge around the regulation of Ethical Investments, the global investment bodies that work to create these regulations, the challenges to humanity and the planet, benchmarking ethical portfolios

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On the Hunt for tax savings – Darren’s initial analysis on todays’ budget

  • 17/11/2022

  • Darren Thomas

We had been warned. The alternative to the ‘trickle down’ Truss-o-nomics plan would be a ‘Hunt’ on taxes and savings. The devil is always in the detail with these budgets, and one persons ‘horror’ can often be another persons’ slight ‘inconvenience’. To this end, the first thing that I would say is don’t panic!  The

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