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Fund in the spotlight – By Katy

Katy shares a bit more about the Sarasin Global Higher Dividend fund. Our clients will know that we include somewhere between 12-14 funds within their portfolios. We thought it might be nice to focus on one of the funds that are currently enjoying better times. If you hold a mainstream portfolio, this fund may sound

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Beth does it again!

We are delighted to share with all our clients that Bethan has today passed her R03 Personal Taxation paper from the CII Chartered Insurance Institute. The R03 Paper tests financial planning knowledge in the areas of income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and the specific and complex taxation surrounding investment markets and products.  It

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No More Bailey-Out’s!

The past few weeks have most certainly been a concerning rollercoaster for UK Bond markets. The media have absolutely loved it! It’s been a complete feeding frenzy. Anywhere you turn, you will hear the repeated assertion that the Government Mini Budget ‘caused’ Gilt yields to rise to dangerously high proportions, thus hurting Gilt prices and

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The beginning of the end – or the end of the beginning?

What on earth is happening to markets right now? Cast your mind back just one year and the world seemed a pretty positive place. The ‘great re-opening’ was in full swing, as people rushed out to buy and experience the things that they had been prevented from doing during two years of the Pandemic. Friendly

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It’s a Mini Adventure!

Today’s ‘mini budget’ was really the trumpet call for the new Government who are determined to use a strong capitalist ‘Keynesian’ approach to the UK economy. The Government argue that you can’t tax your way to a growing economy – you have to stimulate it – and I have to agree with this. It was

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Two Thousand and Late…..

This is not 2008. The depressing communications from our Bank of England yesterday certainly made for gloomy reading, and for good reason. Nobody wants to be told that there is a recession on the way…’oh and by the way folks, it’s going to be a long one’. The media feeding frenzy then begun as reporters

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